Established out of a growing concern over firearm violence and irresponsible ownership, K5 Firearms Training has made it our mission to change the narrative of firearm ownership in minority and underprivileged communities. As the Triad’s premier firearms training organization, we are recognized as the gold standard for firearms purchase, safety training, skills development, and public education. Our team of licensed and experienced professionals are dedicated to restoring safe firearm practices



”Protect the bag at all costs.” More than just a catchphrase and an analogy, it’s a way of life for Josh Kellum and his clients. As a family man first, nothing is more important than protecting his family’s lives, financially and physically. When it comes to firearms training, your family’s safety becomes his main priority and the same thoughtfulness, preparedness and tactic that he applies to his own family. As an active advocate and participant in the gun community for the last decade, Josh has expertise in firearms safety training and proficiency in gun laws.



Mason Kellum is Lead Instructor and Owner of K5 Firearms. Mason has 20 plus years of firearms training stemming from a diverse background in law enforcement and the military. Mason is also an NRA and NC CCH Certified Instructor. He started the company with an emphasis on educating, promoting, training our community to enjoy their second amendment rights and become responsible and safe firearms

Low Stress, Judgement-Free Firearms Training


What do I need to get a carry concealed handgun permit?

The first step is to take a NC Justice Academy certified course like the one we provide here at K5 Firearms Training.

How long does it take to receive my permit?

30-90 days from completing the course and submitting your application to your local Sherriff’s Office. It’s all dependent upon on your county Sherriff and their processing time.

Do I need my own gun to take a class?

In short, no you do not! We have firearms for rental for any offered class. For our CCH qualifications we use a Glock 44 (.22lr) which is very comfortable and easy to use for all shooter experience levels. For $25/class you are able to rent a firearm, ammo and eye/ear protection.

I’ve never used a gun before, can I still take the class?

Absolutely! At K5, we treat all shooter experience levels the same. Any of our CCH classes or basic level classes are perfect for beginners.

Do I have to shoot during the CCH class?

Yes. All students are required to fire 10 rounds each from 3, 5, and 7 yards into a specified target. 22/30 rounds must be on target. Don’t worry, you won’t fail, we practice until you pass.

What are the requirements for passing the CCH class?

1. Pass the written portion of the exam in class on NC Carry Concealed and Use of Deadly Force Laws (you won’t fail, nobody has yet).
2. Passing the shooting course mentioned above. THAT’S ALL!

What if I am afraid of guns?

That is absolutely okay. It is not uncommon for some of our students to be afraid of guns before taking our class. The good part for you is that we only have patient, knowledgeable and friendly instructors providing you with a pressure-free, reduced stress experience. We take pride in helping you get over your fears. The first step in being a safe gun owner is building confidence. We’re here to help you take that first step, whenever you’re ready.

Where are you located?

1210 E. Mountain St. Kernersville NC 27284

How old do I have to be to take your classes?

18 years and older. However, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase a handgun/obtain handgun permit.

Do you sell firearms or ammunition?

Yes, we are a Federal Firearms licensed dealer and would love to fulfill all of your firearm needs.
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